30. December
as always 20:00 ARD and media library

Happy New year!

Watch me in TATORT at New Years day!

I’m Tanja Weiß, a car expert who knows everything about hightech cars… Watch me being smart ;)…

20. December

Watch me as “Entsche/Alexandra” in “Unter Tannen”!

17., 28. and 19. December!

Merry Christmas!


5. April

German video interview

Interviewed by Liz Ehrenberg in co-op. with Disney channel

5. April

Instead of just a showreel, now there are also small interviews online for a more personal way of introducing ourseves. Thanks to the German screen actors guild BffS and all the helpers for presenting us so pure and versatile! This is my interview :)!

love the project

30. March
I’m Tanja Weiss in the new episode of the SR-Tatort “Mord ex Machina”. Directed by Christian Theede.
March, 1st

Robin – Watch for Wishes

I’m blogger Alicia in this awesome movie. It will be shot in English and you’ll be able to watch it online later. For every click a donation will be made to a charity organization. Let’s shoot this touching adventurous story about a sick boy, his disappearance and his bucket list…

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28. January
Samstag, 28.Januar 2017
Babylon Kino Berlin

I’m agent x in this surreal comedy romance, told by two “Musical Angels”, aka Bright Blue Gorilla as the Greek Chorus. Part screwball comedy, part Bohemian musical, with a pinch of cop-show thrown in for flavor, Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee deliciously mixes up form and mashes up genre. With Christiane Paul and Francesco Mazzini.

Join us for the premier! Tickets in the theatre or online!

Tickets and info

Agent X

4. January
January 24th 2017 + 1 week media library

Happy new Year everyone!

It starts with me jumping into me doctor’s uniform and appearing on German TV screens in an episode of the popular series “In aller Freundschaft”. ARD channel, 9pm German time.

If you miss it, you’ll have a second chance on Feb 2nd on channels rbb, hr and MDR.

Info and media library

Episode 757

20. October

Maxdome TV Spot – Luisa as Luisa, but both me

Monster in law?

18. October

Doctor Luisa

I have the lead in an episode of the German hospital series “In aller Freundschaft”.

A happy hello from our party in white on set!