Height: 5 feet 4 in

Age Range: 25-35

Physique: Athletic

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long

Eyes: Hazel

Ethnicity: Caucasian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Latin/Hispanic

Nationality: German

Voice Type: Soprano, Young

Performer Skills

Performance Skills: Voice-over/Dubbing/ADR Artist (highly skilled), Singing (highly skilled), Stunts, Improvisation

Athletic Skills: Dancing, Rollerblading, Snow Skiing, Gymnastics, Wind surfing, Aerobics, Horseback riding

Accents & Dialects: German (several dialects), AE, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish

Spoken Languages: English, German. Basic in French and Spanish

Musical Instruments: Piano

Education & Training

Wolfgang Wimmer: Coaching, Berlin - since 2013

Acting Studio Berlin: Camera Acting and Coaching, Monika Schubert - since 2007

Alexander Technique: Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad, 2013

Larry Moss: Masterclass - Stage Training, Scene Study, 2012

Meisner Technique: 1-Year-Program, Actors Space, Andre Bolouri, Mike Bernardin, Berlin, 2011-2012

Larry Moss: Voice & Dialect Coaching, Los Angeles, California, 2009

M.K. Lewis: Summer Program, On-Camera acting, Intensive workshop, Los Angeles, 2010

M.K. Lewis: Intensive Workshop, Acting Masterclass, 2009

Special Coaching Actors Studio: Acting Coaching, Kristiane Kupfer, Berlin, 2008-2011

Singing: Christian Schleicher, Cornelia Moore, Eleanore Forbes - since 2007