May, 20th

“Der Dritte”

I’ll be shooting „Der Dritte“ (The Third) for the HDM in Stuttgart. Tobias Schmutzler will be directing.

May, 10th


Cheers Love! The Cavalry’s Here! On Mai 24th „Overwatch“ is officially being released! I’ll be Tracer for the german version. So have fun playing!

May, 5th

After Walpurgisnacht

Welcome spring, welcome new project!

I’ll be shooting the international independent film „After Walpurgisnacht“ with US crew and director Will von Tagen. The thriller will take place in the German Harz region and will be shot in Berlin, the Harz region and Bulgaria. I will take the female lead, playing the Harzian girl „Heike“ who meets Miles (Jake Koeppl), an American student, who is looking for his missing colleague. While struggling with issues of her past, she is trying to help him find out what happened to his friend.

You can also find infos on facebook.

April, 20th

German premiere for “Bad Neighbours 2”

“Bad Neighbours 2” is coming to german cinemas and you can here my voice dubbing Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz). If anybody wants to see and hear us together, come to the Social Movie Night on April 26th. There will be a Q&A with Chloe and me on stage led by Patrice and Robert Hofmann. Seth Rogen and his german voice Tobias Kluckert, and the german director and voice actress Nana Spier will also be there.

19. April
in allen Kinos

On May 5th “Bad Neighbours 2” is coming to german cinemas. Once again, I’ll be the german voice for Chloë Grace Moretz.

January, 20th

Voicemail at the Max-Ophüls Festival

„Voicemail“ (d: Erec Brehmer) is premiering at the Max Ophüls Festival and running in the category „Medium length Film“!

You can more infos here and on facebook.


5. January

Legend” with Tom Hardey as both of the London Kray twins premiers in German cinemas January 7th. Again, I had the pleasure of being Emily Browning’s German voice, who portrays Frances Shea.

January, 1st

5th Wave – Trailer

In “The 5th Wave” Chloe Grace Moretz will have me as her German voice again.

1. January

“Unfriend” by Simon Verhoeven (in Germany mostly known for „Männerherzen“) starts in German cinemas January 7th. It was a pleasure to be the lead’s German voice (Alycia Debnam-Carey as Laura). Watch it, but please don’t “unfriended“ me afterwards 😉 …

November, 5th

ZDFneo TVlab

4 teams, 1 theme. 1 week: ZDFneo TVlab starts November 9th. I’m part of team „Dramadackel“ and excited to present our result Nov 16th. Then you’ll have 1 week to vote for us.