January, 10th

Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel

Woody Allen’s new movie “Wonder Wheel” starts in German theatres 11 Jan 2018. It was a pleasure to give Juno Temple her German voice once again.

Enjoy the fabulous acting of Juno Temple, Kate Winslet, Jim Belushi and Justin Timberlake!

May, 18th

20th century woman

I had the pleasure of lending Elle Fanning her German voice again in this lovely movie.

Out in German movie theatres May 18th 2017.


April, 5th

Interviewed by Liz Ehrenberg in co-op. with Disney channel

March, 23rd

Power Rangers

In German cinemas from March 23rd!

more info

The PINK ranger is the coolest!

February, 28th


Wednesday March 1st and 8th, a German interview with me and lovely Maria Koschny (German voice actress for Jennifer Lawrence, Gemma Arterton, Lindsay Lohan…) is airing at Radio Potsdam 89.2

December, 8th

About Ray – Alle Farben des Leben

In this heartwarming movie I had the honor of giving Elle Fanning her German voice. She plays Ramona, the daughter of Naomi Watts and the granddaughter of Susan Sarandon, who wants to be a boy. Go watch it!

August, 29th


In „Nerve“ -starting in German theaters Sep 8th- you can hear me as Emma Robert’s (Vee) German voice!





June, 20th

Interview for Hereos Cast

Watch my live interview at Cirouss live on Twitch. July 3rd 12.30 pm (CET). It’s in German though. You can also find infos on Facebook or you watch the video:

July 3rd

May, 10th


Cheers Love! The Cavalry’s Here! On Mai 24th „Overwatch“ is officially being released! I’ll be Tracer for the german version. So have fun playing!

April, 20th

German premiere for “Bad Neighbours 2”

“Bad Neighbours 2” is coming to german cinemas and you can here my voice dubbing Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz). If anybody wants to see and hear us together, come to the Social Movie Night on April 26th. There will be a Q&A with Chloe and me on stage led by Patrice and Robert Hofmann. Seth Rogen and his german voice Tobias Kluckert, and the german director and voice actress Nana Spier will also be there.